Our Sustainability Ambassadors team was devised as an opportunity for our school community to continue to train our YOUNG LEADERS to take an active and meaningful role in school life. To achieve this, we have appointed a team of children who will be trained to understand the school principles of sustainability along with their own responsibilities and abilities to make a difference.
These children applied to be part of our Sustainability Ambassadors team by sending in letters, drawings and emails to our Sustainability Lead, Mrs Charlie Stanton. They are all passionate about the challenges facing our planet and raising awareness among their peers.

Meet the Team



Yasmine - Year 6

I love this world and I want future generations to live in a healthy environment. Sustainability is about keeping the planet diverse, healthy and safe. Nature is a key thing in this world and if we start making little changes in your day to day living we will all have a bright future. Making these changes helps protect animals, plants and our nature so that future generations will be able to enjoy them. This is why we need you to make this world a better place.


Aidan - Year 6

I'm Aidan in Year 6. I became a sustainability ambassador because I love animals and want to help them against climate change. I want to find ways for the school to reduce their energy usage to help with this.


Nirish - Year 6

I care about the environment because I like living in a sustainable way and I want to help WWF with their work helping endangered animals.


Harry - Year 6 

Animals and their habitats are just as important as humans and if we wipe them out it’s like we are wiping out our own species.


Lily - Year 6

I wanted to be a part of sustainability ambassadors because I wanted to make a change the day to day life people live. A famous phrase is used when protesting to change the planet ‘there is no planet b’. This is true we have one chance at altering our lifestyle to fit our growing planet. I wanted to spread the word about this. As a young child, I can do the best to tell the adults they are doing wrong. By joining the sustainability ambassadors, I am able to do that with other children who have the same intentions as me.
When I make my bed at the start of the day, I always make sure to turn the lights off from the mains to use less power. I make sure to recycle all my unused materials; paper; cardboard; metals; cans. I also so try to walk (or cycle) everywhere where if possible. It's important to have a team like ours in school to show the world that no matter how young, you can make a difference. We're showing that by being children we are more aware of the growing changes in lifestyle that people choose to take and how they can make a difference.


Litter is bad because animals eat it thinking it is food. The air will get disgusting if we do not care. There is no planet B. Slows the end of the human race. I hope that sustainability ambassadors will do a litter pick for a local school trip.


Pippa - Year 6

I became a sustainability ambassador because I love animals and want to help them against climate change. I want to find ways for the school to reduce their energy usage to help with this.


Maddy - Year 4

I wanted to join and help the school to help the planet recycle more. · To come up with ideas with like thinking people at school. · To recycle more in the school and get people thinking about ways to save our planet. At home and on a daily basis I do the following: I turn off lights. I use metal straws, wax wraps and always reuse a water bottle.


Jack - Year 4

I wanted to be a sustainability ambassador because I want humans to treat nature better and to take care of it rather than destroy it.


Sophie - Year 4

I wanted to become a sustainability ambassador because I wanted to help make this school more sustainable. Now what I hope to achieve is to save the earth and prevent climate change.


Nina - Year 2

I wanted to be part of the team so I could help the planet. - As an example, when I was playing tennis, I saw some rubbish on the floor so I picked it up. I don’t waste paper. I turn off the tap when I brush my teeth. - So we help the planet and so we teach the other children, especially the smaller ones. - I would like to create a walking bus so parents don’t have to take their car to go to school.


Theo - Year 1

My name is Theo & I love spending time outdoors! I think it’s important that we make choices to protect the planet, so that people and animals can all enjoy their outside spaces.