How to Help a Tiger

If you find a tiger who has cold feet, like we did, this is what you need to do.
Bob the Tiger had cold feet. They kept turning blue. So we investigated. Luckily, Bob has a zip on his back and his body organs are made of wool, so we were able to be vets and conduct an exploratory laparotomy.


We checked Bob’s blood, his blood pressure, and made sure he was happy before we began to operate.

Tiger 1

We opened him up and examined each of his body organs, discussing the important role of each one in making the body work.

Tiger 2

Here Vet Paisley is checking his kidneys. They seemed to be filtering out any toxins really well.

Tiger 3

Ah ha! We discovered Bob’s heart had a tightening of an artery. We operated to make it work again and now know how we can advise Bob to have a healthier heart.

Tiger 7

Each vet wrote up their file notes.

Tiger 6