Year 1

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King Charles III

Kings Charles III

Published on 8th June

In Year 1 this week, King Charles III has taken the time to come by for a cup of tea.
He wrote us a letter; we have planned the party and he came to tea. We were told his driver had his electric car by the school gate while we had the opportunity to ask him questions and give him our advice on how to be a good king.

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World Book Day

Published on 22nd March

Year 1 Phoenix was full of characters on World Book Day!
Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and Elsa from Frozen discussed superpowers with Spiderman, Flash Gordon and Dracula. The many princesses and the two Mathildas had fun with a pirate, Fireman Sam and a very special engine driver. The tigers who came to tea, Fantastic Mr Fox and the Very hungry caterpillar talked about eating habits with the White Rabbit and one of the three Bears. To boost, we had a special visit from a real life author, Lucy Reynolds!

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Church Visit

Binscombe Church Visit

Published on 25th November

Binscombe Church visited Year 1 to help the children understand how Christians believe Jesus showed his followers that he was God’s son by performing miracles. The children acted out the miracle of Jesus calming the storm.

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Autumn is in Art

Published on 25th November

As a combination of science and literacy, Year 1 have been using their five senses to create a collaborative poem called “Autumn is…”

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IMG 5567

Capital Letters

Published on 25th November

Y1 used classroom resources including our bodies to shape capital letters. We had great fun guessing the letters each pair was making.

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IMG 5565

Firework Art

Published on 25th November

Look at this beautiful piece of art that Year 1 created around the theme of Fireworks.

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IMG 5530

Our Island Home

Published on 25th November

Year 1 have started learning about “our island home” and in the first lesson we defined what an island is:

An island is land that is entirely surrounded by water.

We then built islands and added water.

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science autumn observation

Changing Seasons

Published on 25th November

We collected autumn leaves, conkers, acorns and sticks. After looking at them carefully, we then did scientific drawings.

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Year 1 Maps


Published on 3rd October

Topic: My school and me. We are making maps of the world around us, these are the streets near Loseley Fields.

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