Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum Implementation – How will our curriculum be delivered?

We know that the success of the curriculum results from taking a considered approach to the planning of that curriculum both across the school and across the weeks in each class. Curriculum leaders have worked to produce medium term plans and progression of skills documents to aid the planning process in each year group. A quality staff training programme delivers weekly professional development of our staff so that we continue to refine our skills and expertise over time. We have a clear commitment to developing our pedagogical understanding and subject specific knowledge so that we achieve Quality First Teaching in every classroom.

The curriculum is delivered with regard given to each distinct subject discipline whilst also having a strong thematic topic-based approach. This learning is brought to life through our extensive range of visits and visitors we have across the school and by taking the learning into the outdoors when appropriate. We have strong threads of outdoors learning running throughout our curriculum offer.

We firmly believe in the right of every child to have equality of access to the curriculum and, as such, each teacher differentiates learning to meet the needs of all children in their class. Every teacher is an expert in the teaching of SEND. We support our SEND learners to ensure that the teaching and learning meets their needs so that they are able to learn alongside their peers. We achieve this by having a well-trained group of Teaching Assistants who work closely with the class teacher to provide support, scaffolds and resources to ensure that learning is accessible to the children they work with. Our TAs have developed specialisms in their practice so that they are able to support all learners through well-conceived keep up and catch-up interventions. We ensure that our Pupil Premium funds are effectively targeted to ensure that our most vulnerable learners have an equitable access to the wider curriculum offer and rich experiences equivalent to their non-disadvantaged peers. This extensive extra-curriculum offer, which is accessible to all, supports the learning in the classroom and gives our children many opportunities to experience activities that they may never have had the opportunity to take part in. This opens up the world to our children and allows them to shape their future aspirations.