ICT Suite

At Loseley Fields, we aim to provide our pupils with the skills to embrace the ever-changing technological face of our global and digital world. Equipping children with the ability to learn to not only use technology, but use it safely, is absolutely fundamental in our approach. E-safety is promoted strongly throughout our curriculum and we regularly discuss the societal issues that surround both technology and, in particular, internet usage.

Studies have shown that over 47% of today's jobs will be eliminated over the next 20 years. In order to prepare our children for the future, our computing curriculum has been designed to enable them to develop future-proof skills such as: adaptability, analysis and resilience.

Working in particular with the 'Teach Computing' curriculum framework (set up by the National Centre for Computing Education), we aim to encourage our children to develop a good understanding of the world around them and the part that the internet plays within it.

E-Safety Curriculum
Long Term Plan
E-Safety Rules
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