Year 3

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IMG 777

Charlotte's Web

Published on 8th June

Year 3 are reading Charlotte's Web and rewrote the story of Wilbur escaping from his pen. They are now going to create their own escape story using our rabbits as the main characters.

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Hampton Ct

Hampton Court

Published on 2nd February

The picture above is all of us at the centre of the maze. Whilst we were there, we explored the Tudor apartments and the Great Hall, saw Henry VIII's crown, visited the kitchens and made it to the centre of the maze. We also investigated whether Henry had enjoyed being at Hampton Court by studying primary sources. Exploring the maze was definitely the highlight!

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Greek Day 2

Greek Day

Published on 3rd November

On Wednesday 19th October Year 3 came to school as Ancient Greeks. We began the day by listening to a brilliant presentation by our very own Greek expert Dimitris about Greece describing exciting places he had visited linked to our topic. We then moved on to learn about the Greek alphabet and wrote our names using Greek letters. Next, we tasted various Greek delicacies such as olives, humous, tzatziki, taramasalata, grapes, feta cheese and the most popular, pitta bread. We spent time looking at the illustrations on different Greek pots before designing our own. In the afternoon we spent time studying Greek architecture and beginning to create our own Ionic, Doric and Corinthian columns using art straws.

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Magnetic Field 1

Magnetic Fields

Published on 3rd October

Year 3 have been investigating magnetic poles and can tell you which poles attract and which repel. We also looked at magnetic fields, in this picture it looks like the paper clip if floating showing that the magnetic fields extends further than the surface of the magnet.

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