Year 2

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Easter Gardens

Published on 30th March

Year 2 have been exploring why Easter is important to Christians and created Easter gardens including a cross and a tomb.

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Roman Day

Published on 25th March

Year 2 wound back the clock 2000 years to discovered what life was like in ancient Rome. We baked with an ancient recipe for honey cakes and used traditional ingredients like yeast and rosemary to make authentic delicious desserts.

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Badminton Festival

Published on 25th March

A selection of year 2 children took part in a badminton festival at Broadwater School. The children were given the opportunity to develop their badminton skills with a variety of skills-based stations. From the smiles on their faces, it was clear they enjoyed the experience

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Spelling Focus

Published on 24th March

Year 2 have been exploring creative strategies to help them improve their spelling. Some of these activities included, magic sand writing, creating year 2 tricky words from playdough, partner writing and rainbow writing.

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Innovation and Legacy

Published on 1st February

As part of the topic 'Innovation and legacy' which is about the Roman Empire's invasion of Britain, year 2 learned about Boudicca and wrote some fantastic writing about her.

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Maths & Potions

Published on 24th January

Year 2 Pegasus made potions in maths, measuring capacity in millilitres and litres. Tears of a fairy, dragon blood and frogs breath were all ingredients in an invisibility potion!

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Halibut Jackson

Published on 17th November

In literacy, we have been learning about a shy and self-conscious character called Halibut Jackson. He is unsure of himself so he likes to camouflage and blend in to the background.

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Year 2 Beans


Published on 17th November

In science, we have been learning about what plants need to grow. We have worked scientifically by observing over time beans we planted in water to see what happened to them. We have learned that plants that grow in water are called hydroponics. Some beans were more successful than others and we had a good discussion about why this could be.

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Ancient Egyptian Day

Published on 10th November

Year 2 went back in time to fully immerse themselves in the history of Ancient Egypt. In the morning, they learned about the mummification process by mummifying a teddy and designing a sarcophagus. In the afternoon, the children continued their pyramid DT project' and posed in the Ancient Egyptian photo booth.

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