Pastoral Offer

Pastoral Support at Loseley

At Loseley we recognise that children can only thrive socially, emotionally and academically, when all of their needs are met. In addition to our PSHE curriculum, SMSC threads through the topics and Citizenship pathway, we have a broad pastoral offer to support children with their social and emotional development.

There are many reasons why a child may need to access our pastoral provision beyond the curriculum. For example: friendship issues, bereavement, anxiety or tailored support with transition. We have a fantastic pastoral team who offer a range of interventions to help our children and families to overcome barriers and improve wellbeing.

Meet the Team

Debbie Loveland is our experienced Home School Link Worker (HSLW) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. She works closely with class teachers and the safeguarding team to support children through both group and tailored 1:1 work. She also works with parents and carers to offer parenting support as well as signpost them to other agencies who may be able support. Debbie has worked at Loseley Fields for a long time and has built strong relationships with families in the community. She founded the school’s therapeutic gardening programme, Flourish.

Krisztina Burke is our resident Eco-therapist who joined us in March 2020. She has a history is social work and gardening and combines these two skillsets to further increase access to our gardening programme, Flourish. The programme groups children together to tend to the land and in doing so, offers opportunities for children to express themselves and explore strategies to develop trust, self-regulation and empathy. The team assess the children upon entry to the programme, considering what outcomes would support the child to access their class learning and improve their overall wellbeing, and monitor their progress throughout the intervention.

We also have a gardening club run by students from Guildford High where our children are working with secondary aged students to develop an area of the school grounds.

Our TA team are trained to deliver Lego Therapy to support children to play with their peers. During the intervention, children take it in turns to play a role by taking on a specific responsibility i.e. builder. The children have to develop the communication skills to build their Lego effectively within a team. We have seen great outcomes from this intervention as children transfer what they have learnt onto the playground.

How can my child access this support?

Teachers may contact you if they feel your child may benefit from accessing the pastoral provision on offer and you are also able to refer into Mrs Loveland directly or through your child’s class teacher. Likewise, if you feel that you may need some additional support or advice, please call Debbie through the school office.

Pastoral Support

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