Year 5

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IMG 2627

Science is Electricy

Published on 8th June

This half term our Spring 2 topic in Science is Electricity. The children in year 5 have loved launching this topic by exploring how static charges occur and what happens when they are discharged. The children set about using balloons to test this theory. They found that when the balloon was statically charged, their hair was attracted to the balloon which means that their hair had a slight positive charge as the balloon had a slight negative charge.

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Circulatory and Respiratory

Published on 17th November

In year 5 last half-term, our science topic looked at the circulatory and respiratory systems. As a summary of our learning we worked together in pairs to make our very own working lung model. We also made a poster and put together a presentation to explain the different parts of our respiratory systems and demonstrated how our models worked.

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