Home School Partnership Agreement

At Loseley Fields Primary  School  we  believe that the partnership between the school,  the pupils and the home is of great importance in ensuring the most effective learning environment  where each  child is encouraged to achieve to reach for their star. 

We trust that the parents who choose this school for their child, endorse our standards, support us fully in the work we are doing and are willing to enter into a genuine partnership to ensure the best educational experience for their child. We aim for teachers and staff, children and parents to work together as partners in order to provide the best possible education for our children.  To achieve this we need shared ideas of what is expected of us.
Pupil Responsibilities
To try my best to: 
• Work hard and do my best in all school activities and with homework.
• Remember that I represent the school both inside and out of it.
• To wear the school uniform with pride.
• Try to understand other people, their needs, cultures beliefs, opinions and ideas
• Follow the Golden Rules:

  1. We respect everyone and everything
  2. We are safe and calm
  3. We are kind, helpful and polite
  4. We are honest
  5. We listen to everyone
  6. We always try our best
  7. We look after property

Home Responsibilities
The family will:
• support your child at home.
• get your child to school on time, every day and to collect them promptly at the end of the school day.
• let the school know of any absences as soon as possible on the first morning of absence and avoid taking holidays in term time.
• provide the school with up to date emergency contact telephone numbers and advise us of any changes to these contacts.
• let the school know of any information which may affect the child’s progress.
• support the high standards of the school on dress, behaviour, homework and hygiene.
• attend Parents’ Evening and other arranged opportunities and become involved in the life of the school.

School Responsibilities 
• To encourage children to do their best.
• To provide a foundation for lifelong learning.
• To provide a safe, caring and enjoyable learning environment delivering a broad and balanced curriculum in line with national requirements.
• To have high expectations for behaviour and individual pupil development.
• To provide and monitor homework which supports work done in school.
• To inform parents/ guardians of any information which may affect the child’s progress and requires discussion.
• To ensure that there are effective lines of communication between home 
and school.
• To provide a minimum of one written report on each pupil  for each academic year.
• To hold Parents’ Evenings.
• To provide opportunities for all parents/guardians to become fully involved in the life of the school.  

Together we will: 
• Value one another as partners with our children
• Listen to, and support each other to provide the best education for our 
• Keep our children happy, healthy and safe.