Health and Welfare

Medical Facilities

If your child is unwell we would respectfully request that you do not send them to school. However, if your child becomes unwell during the day we will look after them to the best of our ability. A number of our staff are trained in basic first aid. If necessary we will contact you so that a child maybe taken home. 

If your child needs to take medication whilst at school we would ask that you contact the school office and sign a permission slip authorising the staff to administer this to your child. 

If there was a serious accident and your child required urgent medical attention we would always try to contact you or another named person on your list of emergency contacts. For this reason we would always ask that you provide at least three people we may contact other than yourself. If we were unable to contact anyone else the headteacher would act “in loco parentis” and follow the advice of the medical authorities.

Head Lice 
It is a fact of life these days that schools suffer from head lice. One sure way of keeping infestations to a minimum is to have a regular head inspection at home at least once a week. We have found the most effective way of controlling head lice is to use a nit comb (we have a supply available in the school office) and conditioner on a regular basis. Alternatively, contact your health visitor or your local GP for further advice.

There is a lot of research about the brain needing water to work properly and if children are dehydrated, this does not help them to learn. Dehydration is said to cause people to feel lethargic, irritable and unable to concentrate.

We found that the best way for each child to have access to enough water throughout the school day was to have their own, named, “sports top” (to save spillage) type refillable bottle on their desk. We would like to continue this practice as we are sure that it helps the children to feel more comfortable and maximises their ability to learn.

The named bottle should be brought into school full of water (NOT JUICE) in the morning and taken home each night to be washed and re-filled. This bottle of water would be in addition to any other drink in their lunchbox.

School Milk
We are now able to offer school milk to the children within the school. The ordering process is organised by an outside organisation called Coolmilk. Free school milk is available to families eligible for free school meals or whose child at the school is under five years of age.

Children in the Infant Department (Little Bears, Phoenix, Lepus and Pegasus Classes) are provided with a snack of one piece of fruit free of charge at morning break each day. This fruit is supplied as part of a government initiative to improve nutrition in children. Children in the Junior Department are encouraged to bring a snack of fruit or cheese into school for break. Please do not provide your child with sweets as a breaktime snack. The School Council sell fruit to the children in the Junior Department each breaktime to raise money for recreational play equipment of their choice.